Delivery & Returns

All items are sent with Australia post or a leading named courier Items are sent next day & take normally 7 working days to arrive.


1 Year Warranty on all Products.

Customer is required to pay posted back to SLX 4x4 To claim warranty.
With note & invoice number and description of issue.

Warranty Protection:

Bullbars -

Paint - all bars have 12 months paint protection warranty.

Bar is designed to withstand stone chips, if does manage to break paint, its critical its sealed. Eg primer & matt black or semi gloss on a cotton tip.

Colour coded bars with stone chips, you can request paint touch up matched or get matched local automotive store. This is simply a reality of proper maintenance,

Fitment - Our fitment to guards is second to none.

All bars are jigged on the car for final inspection, all bars require 15-20mm gap, if you prefer no gap you can run 19mm pinch weld (not supplied)

Hardware- All bars have 12months warranty but the mounting hardware is unbreakable with 8mm reinforced winch cradle, 6mm centre section with multiple folds

making it stronger than other no loop bars with flat facia, additionally has additional 4mm ADR brackets which act as crush can further strengthening the centre.